Mrs. Noonan, speaking about The Demagogue, March 3:

“His supporters disrespect the system -- fair enough, it’s earned disrespect. They see Washington dysfunction and want to break through it -- fair enough.  In a world of thugs, they say, he will be our thug.  Politics is a freak show?  He’s our freak.”

This blog, speaking about The Demagogue, last August:

“Although Donald Trump reflects the frustration of middle class voters who feel powerless, he also represents most of the things they are frustrated about.  They just don’t resent them when they meet them in Trump himself.

“Sure, he’s a boor and a user who has no respect for constitutional order.  He too is a crony capitalist who promotes leftist causes.  He’s a thug – but, they reason, he’s our thug.”

All right, all right, the phrase might occur to anyone.