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The Demagogue’s foul manners – making fun of a crippled man, gratuitously insulting the wives of his competitors, saying that a journalist who asked him hard questions had “blood coming out of her whatever” -- are widely viewed as a reaction against political correctness.

Nonsense.  Political correctness is not good manners, but ideologically tendentious manners.   The PC commissars are totalitarians who defame those who hold opinions with which they disagree as part of a policy of humiliating and silencing them.  It is a part of good manners not to behave that way.

Actually, The Demagogue behaves much like the commissars himself, but goes one step further.  The tyrants of political correctness might defame you for disagreeing with the tenets of radical feminism, but The Demagogue defames you just for belonging to the sex which has a monthly period.  This is progress?

If you want to get rid of PC, don't attack good manners.  Restore them.