I have closely followed the politics of your country since 2007.  I am very interested in how this election will turn out, and have enjoyed your blog posts on The Demagogue.  I cannot help but imagine what a brokered convention would look like.  Is that a sign that I am a sensationalist?


To give a serious answer to a tongue-in-cheek question:  A brokered convention would certainly be sensational, but your mere interest in the possibility doesn’t make you a sensationalist.  A sensationalist would be attracted to the subject only because of the excitement of scandal, but there are lots of good reasons to be interested.

For example, you might sorrow over it, as over the affliction of a friend, or you might seek to understand it, as a doctor of politics.  There is a big difference between the prophet Amos crying “Woe to those who are not grieved by the ruin of Joseph,” and the National Enquirer crying “Latest hot news and pictures on the ruin of Joseph!”