Most of the support for The Candidate Who Must Not Be Named must come from name recognition -- at least I hope so, because the other hypotheses are even more disheartening.  Some pollster should ask voters whether they are more likely to vote for him or for Kim Kardashian.  It would be close.

The Candidate Who Must Not Be Named understands this; he operates on the theory that there is no such thing as bad publicity.  So far he seems to be right.

This doesn’t excuse the liberal networks who make him right.  Yes, they would love to see the Republicans nominate a cad.  I can’t open my browser without being treated to a stream of newsbites about his obscene plays for attention:  “Mocks Disabled Reporter.”  “Compares Another Candidate to Child Molester.”  “Says Female Reporter Has Blood Coming Out of Her Whatever.”  “Says He Won’t Take It Back.”

Nor does it excuse the conservative talking heads and radio mouths who pimp for him, because unlike the Kardashian caucus, they understand perfectly what he is:  A spoiled vulgarian bully with no virtues, no knowledge, and no relevant experience, who denies all the principles they once claimed to uphold.