How to Pronounce My Last Name

My surname, Budziszewski, is pronounced Boo-jee-shef-skee.

Bu = Boo

dzi = jee

szew = shef

ski = skee

People make interesting comments:

          It's German, right?

          I know a guy named Buchanan.  Are you related?

          Are you making that up?

          It's Czech, right?

          Have you been in our country long?

          You say that very well.

          How would it be pronounced in English?

          I'm Irish too.

          I know lots of Polish people, and you're mispronouncing it.

          No, what is it really?

          How would it be pronounced in German?

          Why haven't you changed it?

          Was it hard to learn when you were growing up?

          It's Russian, right?

          Ours used to be Khrzanski.  We simplified it to Khrznsk.

          I know just what you're going through.

          How would it be pronounced in Polish?

          It's Italian, right?


          My husband's name is also hard to pronounce -- it's Reilly.