The Real Problem with the Superrich

Sunday, 10-01-2023

  Other than from sheer jealousy, why should anyone object to some people having far more wealth...

Paradoxical Beauty

Monday, 09-25-2023

  These lines, delivered by Joseph Ratzinger three years before his accession to the papacy, are...

The Old Is-Ought Thing

Monday, 09-18-2023

  Query: I’m writing to you about the old is-ought thing.  Years ago, in the Q&A period after...

The Underground Thomist

This is J. Budziszewski's website.  Unbelievable as it may seem, I am not the only person with that name.  One of the others complained to me that he was losing clients because people were getting us confused.

I am the one who has taught since 1981 at the University of Texas at Austin, where I am a professor of government and philosophy.  My academic focus is the ethical basis of politics.  That doesn't mean politicians are virtuous.  It means that choices concerning right and wrong, good and evil, are inseparable from political life -- so, among other things, whether the politicians and citizens are virtuous makes a difference.  I think and write mostly about classical natural law and natural rights philosophy; conscience and moral self-deception; virtue and moral character; human happiness or fulfillment; family and sexuality in relation to political and social order; religion in public life; authentic vs. counterfeit versions of toleration and liberty; and the unravelling (and possible restoration) of our common culture.

I blog, usually on Mondays, and you can subscribe to the website.   At the site you can also find my books, my articles in magazines and professional journals, and my Office Hours dialogues and Ask Theophilus letters.  My newest book of broader interest is How and How Not to Be Happy (Regnery, 2022), and my newest scholarly book is Commentary on Thomas Aquinas's Treatise on Divine Law (Cambridge, 2021).  You can find out about these books through those links, and you can find out about my other books, both academic and trade, at the Books page.

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