On Tuesday and Wednesday I criticized the use of evil means to combat the evil of abortion.  Let’s return to the evil of abortion itself.

Even a few abortion supporters are stunned by the complacency of the Planned Parenthood officials caught on video negotiating the sale of aborted baby body parts.  A talking head on one of the interview programs declared that although she was “staunchly pro-choice,” she was horrified by the desecration of human tissue which these sales involve.

We should welcome the opportunity such shock presents to achieve a short-term tactical alliance to press for the enforcement of existing laws which prohibit such sales.  But the strategic purpose is to change minds about abortion.

And that can be done.  After all, it’s not easy to believe that it “desecrates human tissue” to market it after it is dead, but doesn’t desecrate it to slice it into quivering pieces while it is still alive.  Logically, if one is desecration, then both are.  Even so, as progress must be measured in times like ours, this is progress.

Something of the truth must still be glinting through the cracks and crevices of conscience, or else not even the lesser desecration could be seen for what it is.  The task is to pry open those cracks and let out the rest of the light.