In view of the furor about legal and illegal immigration, it’s interesting to see what Thomas Aquinas has to say about how the law of the Old Testament treated such matters.


Abortion is not just one issue among others, like capital gains taxes, tariffs, or reducing automobile emissions.  It’s like a snag in a woven sweater.  Because a snag is just the protruding loop of a strand which runs all the way through the weave, if you keep pulling on it the whole sweater comes unraveled, and you’re left holding a tangle of loose yarn.


“Question assumptions.”  Sure, but which ones?  Today's culture is often called skeptical, but about some things it’s not nearly skeptical enough.  It questions assumptions which don’t need to be questioned, and swallows assumptions which really ought to be.


Every age imagines that its own favorite capital vices are harmless.  Consider one of ours.  You know which one.  The one we say “doesn’t hurt anyone.”