Now I’ve seen everything:  Boutique rioting.

A crowd floating down Austin’s famous Sixth Street.  Young men holding hands with their girl friends, strolling along and looking.  Every third person taking a video or selfie.

And in the background, a store being looted.

The mayor says he is pleased that some of them are wearing masks.



I have nothing to say against real science.  But isn’t it interesting that the people who talk most about “following the science” usually don’t know much about the science?


Yes, the epidemic is real.  However, the rate of coronavirus infection, Covid-19, is dwarfed by the rate of infection with the less publicized seehowworriediam virus, Goo Goo-12.  Like others in the Goo Goo family, the pathogen is spread by listening to conventional and electronic media.



As I’m sure you are aware, the governor of Illinois has stated that church services cannot begin until there is a Covid-19 vaccine or effective therapy.  Yesterday the governor of Michigan outlined her own draconian plan.


I see in the news that the government is clamping restrictions on the use of electronic parts supplied from abroad for use in our electrical power grid.  The purpose, of course, is national security.  One would not want the grid to be hacked by a hostile foreign power.


"So, J., what do you think is the bare minimum a person must believe for salvation?"

Thus my new friend began our first serious conversation, the moment he passed through my door.  That was a quarter of a century ago.  We were both Protestants.  He still is.


CYA, short for Covering Your Anatomy, is the strategy of choosing one’s course of action in such a way that if it goes wrong, someone else gets the blame.  Dealing with the problem at hand may take second place.

We all know that CYA can affect governmental policy.  What’s not so often noticed is that it can also affect the Constitutional balance of power.