Mondays are my student query days.


I’ve been arguing with some of my friends about marriage and family.  When I bring up a certain scholar’s findings, they say “His data and inferences are worthless because he’s cooperated in a project of the Vatican.”  I don’t know how to answer that.  Has he really done work with the Vatican?


So what if he did?  You will never gain your point by playing defense.  Whether the scholar has worked with the Church is the wrong question.

Turn it around.  Ask your friends, “Where do you get the nerve to ask make such a lazy and bigoted remark?  You haven’t identified any problems with his data or inferences.  You’ve merely revealed that you despise people who disagree with you.”

Evangelicals and Catholics are the last groups in America which one can insult without consequences.  Make it have consequences.

Tomorrow:  A Dialogue on Natural Law, Part 4 of 10