Curious how conversion works.

One may think the only difference is that one’s beliefs have changed.  Or that one’s moral standards have changed.

It is more like rising from the dead.

Perhaps without having realized that you were dead.

Imagine having a family photograph and noticing one day that someone you hadn’t thought present in the photograph had been there all along.

It was like that with the memory of God.

Imagine waking up and discovering someone in the house whom you hadn’t remembered that you lived with.

It was like that with His presence.

Imagine becoming aware that your motives for various actions had not been at all like what you had taken them to be.

It was like that with the knowledge of self.

Imagine realizing that you knew all sorts of things that you had told yourself you didn’t know and even couldn’t know.

It was like that with knowledge of a host of other things.

Imagine having sat in a dark place for years, not knowing that the shutters were nailed closed.  Now they are being flung back.  Beams of light are flowing in as solid as columns of ivory.  You had forgotten what light looked like.

It was like that.

Book:  What We Can’t Not Know