Naïvely, the Roe Court didn't expect many abortions.  Yet legalization unleashed a gushing deluge of them.  Though Roe itself has been rescinded, it will take a lot longer to sponge from the nation’s ravaged conscience the red stain of legally slaying 63 million babes who were still in their mothers’ wombs – not to mention those who are still being slain.

Since 2015, we have been on another long march.  The Obergefell Court didn't expect much disturbance in norms and customs.  Yet endorsement of homosexual “marriage” opened the gates to a swiftly rolling juggernaut.  The violation of women’s dressing rooms, lavatories, and sports, the invasion of library and school story times by drag queens, and the administration of powerful hormones to children without even telling the parents – these things are spreading, and they are just the beginning.

Go ahead and knock down those load-bearing columns.  They don’t do anything.  Nothing will happen, don’t you see?  Everything stays up by itself.  Nothing is connected with anything else.