At a conference several weeks ago, a federal judge told me that some of the defendants in his court weep -- not when they hear their sentence, which would not be surprising, but when they hear the pre-sentence report.

You may be tempted to sneer.  Some of these men would be considered sociopaths.  Some of their records are very long.  Most will return to their crimes.  They were not shedding tears when they did evil.  Doubtless they deserve their punishments.

Yet hearing the tale of their lives and deeds overcomes them with grief.

They are closer to the kingdom of heaven than the dry-eyed promoters and beneficiaries of the culture of death – the judges, educators, lawmakers, bureaucrats, pill-makers, physicians, insurance company executives, and all the rest.

It was a true saying that many who are first shall be last, and the last first.

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