May I say a word against the incessant warnings of the dangers of imitation and peer pressure?

Children and teens should be imitative.  It’s built into the human developmental plan.  But they should mainly be imitating their elders, not the other children and teens.  Peer pressure is good too, if it’s the right kind of pressure from the right kind of peers.

Before the days of discount warehouse schools and social media, that’s how it was.  Essentially, we have allowed a good and educational impulse of our nature – natural sociality -- to be perverted.

A word on parental supervision.  The advice “Limit your kids’ screen time” is almost as useless as telling kids not to have sex until they’re “ready.”  Except for a few practical functions like checking their school calendars or receiving their homework assignments, why do children need “screen time” at all?

Would you allow strangers, enemies, and the mob to enter your home to indoctrinate your children for hours at a time?  But isn’t that what we are doing?