A good high school graduation present

To “live like an animal” isn’t really to live like an animal, but only to live as a human badly.  For although we too have animal powers, we do not, we cannot, experience our animal powers as animals do -- nor would it be good for us if we could.  For us, every impulse is mediated and modified by mind; the notion of a “raw feel” is a dissipated fantasy.

Ideally, the mind acquires wisdom; ideally, the lower powers acquire discipline.  Then, rather than champing at the bit, they are taken into partnership with reason.  Like salt dissolved in water, they remain themselves, and yet they are drawn out of themselves -- held in solution by a flood of rational meaning.  Animals feed; we share meals.  Animals mate; we marry.  Animals flock; we practice friendship.

Tomorrow:  Déjà Vu, Part 1 of 2