"Suppose we agree with the Supreme Court's new gospel that there is a right enshrined in the Constitution to make intimate and personal sexual decisions .... If I were a stereotypical lawyer, I would gleefully contemplate our new divorce laws.  Thing of the fees I could charge litigating cases such as these:  Can Wife #2 claim visitation privileges with the children of Husband and Wife #4 on the grounds that an emotional bond had arisen within the context of the progressive family?  How is Husband #3's pension to be divided between himself and the two other husbands who want to remain married to Wife?  If Wife #1, who was barren, prevailed on Wife #2 to have Husband's child, are both Husband and Wife #1 to pay child support when Wife #2 wants out of the marriage?”  --  Ian A.T. McLean, “Criminal Law and Natural Law"