Since I’ve lost time recovering from surgery this week, I’m not composing a “proper” blog post.  But since I do hate to let readers down, I’m offering a few words about lost time itself -- and about blogging.

About lost time.  When I grouch about time being “lost” or “wasted,” what I usually mean is that I had to use the time differently than I might have chosen.  But if God is the master of our days, as I claim to believe, then isn’t this attitude of mine graceless?  Why should I assume that how I would have chosen to use my time would have been better than what He has in mind for it?  If He sees fit to slow me down this week and interrupt what I fondly call my projects, presumably there is a reason.  Perhaps there is something else that I need to be doing more than what I think I should be doing -- something that I wouldn’t have taken time to do unless He had thrown a little sand in my gears.  Such as learning to be more patient.  Or more still.

About blogging.  If my website statistics are to be believed, I’ve gained a bunch of new readers lately.  (And lost some old ones!  Must be a story here.)  If you’re new, and you’ve tuned in just for the blog, I invite you to look around the rest of the website to see what else you may find interesting.  Maybe nothing, but maybe something.  If you do find something you like, I hope you’ll tell other folks about it.  Link, tweet, chirp, or whatever folks do.  Much obliged to you.

Now excuse me, please.  I’m going to take a nap.