The media and political classes treat it as almost treasonous, if not demented, not to believe that the allegations of massive anomalies and fraud in the recent election are “baseless” and “groundless.”  I think that these allegations have been insufficiently investigated, that the attempts to explain them away are pretty thin, and that profound reform is urgently necessary in our electoral laws and monitoring procedures.  The constant baiting and gaslighting from the other side are wearisome, and not good for the country.


The crucial point about Mr. Biden's election has been obscured both by those who think he is the president because there wasn’t any fraud, and those who think he isn’t the president because there was.  Whether his election was marred by systematic fraud is a deeply important question, to be discussed seriously, not mocked, shut up, and dismissed.  But it is not the same question as whether he was elected.

Congress has the sole authority to certify the vote, and the vote was certified by Congress.  Rule of law is not violated by haste, poor judgment, or insufficient debate, but by not following the law.

We do the republic no favors by imitating the behavior of those hysterical partisans who for the last four years called Mr. Trump’s presidency “illegitimate” and fancied themselves “the resistance.”  Doubts about the conduct of the election cast a pall over Mr. Biden's presidency, but they do not make him other than the president.