This is just to let all you video and podcast lovers out there that several new items have been added to my Listen to Talks page.

I had already added the video of “What Do We Really Know About Right and Wrong?”, given at a Veritas Forum this April at Texas A&M University, but now you can also listen to the audio-only version recorded by Ratio Christi.

While I was in College Station, Ratio Christi also did an interview with me titled “Sex, Politics, and Natural Law,” and that item has been added to the page too.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page, I’ve added the video of a very old talk, “Breaking Silence: Faith-Based Scholarship and Academic Freedom,” given at a Veritas Forum at the University of California at Berkeley in 2003.  I haven’t reviewed this one since giving it.  Hope I still agree with everything I said!