In October, a conference on “Christianity and the Common Good” was held at Harvard Law School.  My own talk at the conference, “Faith, Natural Law, and the Common Good,” is now available for viewing, and has been added to the Underground Thomist Talks Page.  If you prefer, just listen to the audio.  I hope you enjoy it! 

The conference was sponsored by Harvard’s chapter of an excellent organization called the Thomistic Institute, with the help of Harvard Law Professor Adrian Vermeule.  The Thomistic Institute is an initiative of the Dominican House of Studies.  Students, why not establish a chapter of the Thomistic Institute at your own university?

If you should chance to be near Oxford University on Saturday, March 2, I'll be giving one of the talks at the Annual Aquinas Colloquium, which is about “Aquinas on the Development of Law” this year.  The other speakers are Ryan Meade (Loyola University, Chicago), Jonathan Price (Oxford University), and Richard Conrad, OP (Aquinas Institute).