It’s good to see the attention Victor Davis Hanson’s recent commentary “Anarchy, American Style” has been receiving, because most people have not yet caught up with the facts about our new elites.  The Occupy Wall Street protesters a decade ago couldn’t have been more oblivious to the state of affairs they thought they were protesting, because Wall Street is already occupied.  So are the other centers of power, such as Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C.  Social revolutionaries aren’t found in fields and factories any more, but in mansions, town houses, and executive suites.  You can’t imagine Mao Zedong in a three-piece suit and wearing Prada?  Never mind.  Just picture Mark Zuckerberg in a Che Guevara tee.

I haven’t much to add to Hanson’s article, except that these are the glory days of smugness and self-admiration.  Not that there is a lot of it, because there has always been a lot of it.  Today, though, those who wish to pat themselves on the back no longer have to make a choice.  In times gone by, the vain and the proud could either glory in self-serving power and privilege, or parade their supposed courage for upsetting the bad old status quo – never both.  But now they are the very same people.  They have done the impossible.  They have squared the circle.  They have finally found how to have their cake and eat it.