My new book has been published

Although the puppet has no mind, it partakes of the intelligence of the puppeteer just in the sense that it is governed by his mind.  The loyal and well-trained sheepdog participates in the intelligence of the shepherd in better way, because the sheepdog does have a mind, and can recognize commands.  Yet the sheepdog does not understand why sheep should be herded; the idea of a reason why does not even occur to it.  A beloved herding dog may try to herd all of the members of its human family into a single room.  I have even seen a border collie “herd” all of the stones in the yard into a single pile.  Herding is just something it does.

More excellent by far is the way that a rational being participates in the intelligence of God, for our finite minds are so fashioned that in their limited way they can reflect His infinite thoughts.  He could have jerked us around like the puppet.  He could have directed us through instincts like the dog.  He could have refused us any share in His providence.  He could have arranged matters so that we never had to deliberate about what is to be done, never had to labor in order to grasp how the general principles of the natural law should be applied to the particular circumstances of our families, our friendships, or our commonwealths.  That is not His way with us.

We ask, “Why didn’t you make it easier?”  That is like asking, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that Thou dost care for him?” -- but in the mode of a complaint.