"Whatever deviates from the plain path of duty, or contradicts received opinions, seems to imply strength of will, or a strength of understanding, which seizes forcibly on the attention.  Whether it is fortitude or cowardice, or both, there is a strong propensity in the human mind, if its suspicions are once raised, to know the worst.  .... When once the fairy dream in which we have lulled our senses or imagination is disturbed, we ... revenge ourselves for the cheat which we think has been put upon us, by laughing at the credulity of those who are still its dupes.  Even the very love of virtue makes the mind ... impatient ... and prompts us to escape from tormenting suspense in total indifference, as jealousy cures itself by destroying its object.”  --  William Hazlitt, Of Rochefoucault's Maxims