Voter suppression.  Old definition:  Any attempt to prevent eligible persons from voting.  New definition:  Any attempt to prevent ineligible persons from voting.

Racism.  Old definition:  Treating people according to the color of their skin.  New definition:  Not treating people according to the color of their skin.

Science.  Old definition:  Following the evidence wherever it leads.  New definition:  Discarding evidence that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Judgment.  Old definition:  The intellectual act by which justice is recognized and enacted.  New definition:  A habit of bigoted people.

Education.  Old definition:  Systematically acquiring knowledge and intellectual discipline.  New definition:  Systematically internalizing the attitudes of those considered smart.

Hate.  Old definition:  Malice toward others.  New definition:  Disagreeing with the speaker.

Virtue.  Old definition:  Wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance.  New definition:  Agreeing with the speaker.

Progressive.  Old definition:  Having a tendency to promote changes for the better.  New definition:  Having a tendency to promote whatever changes the opinion-forming classes approve at the present time.

Freedom of Speech.  Old definition:  Liberty of persuasion, argument, and discussion, with restrictions on obscenity, libel, and threats.  New definition:  Liberty of obscenity, libel, and threats, with restrictions on persuasion, argument, and discussion.

Woman.  Old definition:  An adult human being of the sex opposite and complementary to a man.  New definition:  Fill in the blank.


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