On Thursday, I travelled to Ohio for a three hour conversation with the inimitable Matt Fradd of the Pints with Aquinas podcast.  The first half was about cabbages, kings, and all sorts of things, and the second half was about my new book How and How Not to Be HappyYou can listen to it here or at the Talks Page.  The stream is preceded by two minute wait, which you can use to pour your own pint.

It was a lot of fun.  Matt’s podcast is consistently fantastic, and if you haven’t yet discovered it, you should.  I think he’s going to be breaking the three hours of this particular interview into shorter segments with topical labels which will be posted at his website later.  What you see here is unprocessed, unpasteurized, and entirely natural.

Last week I was also interviewed by Thomas Mirus, of the excellent Catholic Culture website, and I’ll make another announcement when that interview goes live.