I’ve been asked whether yesterday’s post, “Blaming the Victim,” was about the student at Georgetown University who wrote after being mugged that it happened because people like him are “privileged.”  He said that until there is economic equality, “we should get comfortable with sporadic muggings and break-ins.  I can hardly blame them.”

No, I wasn’t commenting on him.  At the time I wrote the post I hadn’t even heard of him.

But I do have a suggestion for him.

Mr. Friedfeld, economic equality may never come.  But if you really think your opportunities are unjust – that is the question, isn’t it? -- then there is something you can do about it right now.  There is no need to continue accepting your unjust privileges.

So give them up.

Drop out of school.  Give away your money.  Accept no help from family.  Get a blue-collar job.  Work.  It will be good for you.  You will learn something.

I did.  And then I went back to school.