For those who like to keep up, the following items have been added to the Read Articles page:

Response to the Natural Law Panelists”:  My response, with links to the papers of the other contributors, in a symposium on my work on natural law, published in Catholic Social Science Review 22 (2017).

Handling Issues of Conscience in the Academy”:  The Beatty Memorial Lecture, delivered at McGill University, Montreal, January, 1999, published the same year in The Newman Rambler Journal 3:2.  This is an old one, but I am still sometimes asked for copies.

"The Same as to Knowledge."  This article first appeared in the blog. The link takes you to Part 1; each part ends with a link to the next one (14 in all).  Although a version is scheduled to be published in an anthology, the editors are still collecting the other contributions and the book won’t appear for some time.  This is copyrighted, of course.