A dark age is not so much an age in which the level of technology degenerates as one in which the level of civilization degenerates.  We are walking into the newest dark age with eyes open.

No barbarians are sacking our cities (we only praise urban riots).  Nobody is burning the great libraries (we are only banning books).  Nobody is tearing down churches (we just close them in the name of public hygiene).

Nobody is liquidating teachers or closing schools (the teachers themselves are destroying them).  Nobody is seizing the universities to force them to stop teaching great literature (universities are doing that to themselves).  Nobody is enforcing an official religion (you can hold any view of God you wish, so long as you agree that He couldn’t possibly matter to anything).

Nobody is forbidding teaching students to read (they just don’t, and we don’t expect them to).  Nobody is forbidding teaching students to do arithmetic (except now they use calculators, and wrong answers are affirmed for the sake of self-esteem).  We do know lots of facts (we are merely contemptuous of understanding). 

We aren’t ignorant of basic right and wrong (we just pretend to be).  No one has abolished the administration of justice (it has only been perverted for political ends).  No one has prohibited elections (we have only manipulated the polls).  We don’t so far practice much assassination (except career and character assassination).

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to seek help (and to consider themselves disabled even if they aren’t).  In fact we help people a lot (especially in ways that infantilize them and make them permanently dependent).  We no longer approve of victimizing people (we just encourage them to make permanent victims of themselves).

No one is tearing apart families (we break up our homes on our own).  No one so far is taking children away from fit parents (parents merely hand them over to be raised by social media).  We no longer allow the young to cheer the spilling of blood in the arena (instead we let them spill it themselves in virtual entertainments). 

No one has prohibited the free press (journalists has chosen spin over honest reportage entirely on their own).  We no longer approve of police brutality (in fact we no longer approve of police).  We no longer have illegal drugs (they are all becoming legal).

We no longer prohibit the publication of filth (we only condemn calling it filth).  We don’t say that debasement is wholesome (we merely make pop heroes of debased persons).  We no longer have prostitution (those ladies are all sex workers now). 

We no longer practice compulsory racial segregation, which is degrading (instead we applaud voluntary racial segregation, which is affirming).  We no longer approve of racial discrimination (except against Asians and white males).  No babies are born into slavery (we just kill them before they are born).

Women can pursue any jobs or professions they want (so long as they put motherhood in second place).  In fact, biological women are now entirely equal (since as we now know, there are no biological women). 

Yes, we are bringing this on ourselves.  We will get exactly what we want.  We may not be pleased when we have it.