No one can understand contemporary politics without grasping the fact that politicians don’t just play to the interests of the demographic groups from which they expect support.  They also seek to make them bigger.  (They also seek to reduce the size of the demographic groups which don’t support them -- for example, by destroying disfavored industries and allowing whole regions to become unlivable – but I’ve talked about that elsewhere.)

Historically, the most prominent examples of the sort of thing I’m talking about have been expansions of the suffrage, for example when the “rotten boroughs” were reformed in nineteenth-century England.  Although enfranchising previously unenfranchised groups may have unanticipated consequences, it’s a sweet deal if the newly enfranchised groups can be counted on to vote for you.

Now, though, politicians of the Left manipulate demographics on a massive scale, working to expand all sorts of groups from which they expect support:  Especially illegal immigrants, unmarried women, and people who are financially dependent on the government.  The strategy employs a combination of policy and propaganda.  Abandon border security.  Pay able-bodied people for not working.  Preach to young women about the joys of single living, and about what a trap marriage is.  Frighten them with tales of Margaret Atwood dystopias.  And, of course, promote sexual disorder and family instability, which make everyone less secure and more dependent on the government.

While doing all this, pretend that it’s about rights, respect, equality, and compassion.  Don’t let anyone get away with saying that it’s about power.  For example, you can be sure that for writing the previous paragraph, I’ll be accused of being against young women.

In the long run, the strategy doesn’t always work.  For example, the descendants of lawful immigrants often resent those who broke the law to get here, and Hispanic voters, whom Democrats used to consider a solid voting bloc, are now shifting rightward as they perceive that the Left is inimical to their beliefs.

On the other hand, today’s Leftists no longer think much about the long run, and so far, their efforts to expand the other two demographic groups I mentioned have worked out pretty well for them.  Without unmarried women and people who are dependent on the government, the Democratic Party would be nowhere.