A good many Christians treat either liberal or conservative ideology as the authentic political expression of Christianity.  For example, the left tends to view having compassion for the poor as practically identical with being liberal, and the right tends to view having respect for 'traditional values' as more or less the same thing as being conservative.  Back in the ‘nineties, I wrote a pair of articles for First Things magazine to explore the problem -- one called “The Problem with Liberalism,” the other “The Problem with Conservatism.”  Last year, The Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture asked me, not to give a rehash of the articles, but to reflect on the problems with liberalism and conservatism today.  They talked First Things into sponsoring the lecture, and I’ll be giving it this very week.

The date is Thursday, April 27.  The time is 5:30pm.  The location is The University of Texas at Austin, Flawn Academic Center (FAC) Room 21, 2304 Whitis Ave #338, Austin, Texas.  If you’d like to come, you can register to attend here.  I hope you can come.