Speaking in San Marcos Thursday, Oct 15

Although Job was angry about his undeserved sufferings, Job didn’t go away and sulk; he gave God an earful.  It’s plain from the text that he trusted God to judge justly if only He gave Job a hearing; He thought God wasn’t paying attention.  God is always paying attention.  In failing to realize that, Job erred, but he cannot be said to have lacked faith in God’s justice.

Therefore, although God chides Job’s presumption, He approves his frankness.  He tells Job’s accusing friends, who thought they were sticking up for God, that His anger blazes against them, “for you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has.”  In a magnificently understated line, He tells them that He will forgive them, but not until Job – Job, the complainer! -- has prayed for them.