After six months promoting the Myth of the Good Riot, today the Left is scandalized that violence might be used to promote a political cause.

For half a year Progressives have praised, egged on, donated money to, and made excuses for far left hooligans, anarchists, and con men who trash businesses, destroy historical monuments, seize entire downtown districts, fight policemen, burn down police stations, threaten bystanders with automatic weapons, and even prevent the movement of ambulances to help the stricken.  All their harsh words have been saved for the other side – those racist bigots.  Now they are shocked that some of their far-right cousins have taken a page from the same bloodstained book.

What did they expect?

Yesterday’s violence in the Capitol appalls every decent person.  The violence in hundreds of cities over these months past also appalled every decent person.  Whoever was not appalled then, whoever is not appalled now, is not decent.  Harsh and unequivocal condemnation, swift and severe punishment, should be meted out to perpetrators of mayhem whatever their ideology, however they may wrap their rampages in the garments of justice.

There are no good riots.  There are no virtuous mobs.