For those who like sweets, I’ve added three new items to the recent articles and book chapters section of the Read Articles page.

One is my 1998 essay “Tolerance and Natural Law.”  Okay, I admit that 1998 isn't “recent,” but since people keep asking me about the topic, I thought I’d post the item anyway.

The other two are updates.  Understandably, the publishers of anthologies don’t want the authors to post their chapters on the internet until the books have been out a year or two.  Previously I was only able to post samples of my book chapters “The Strange Second Life of Confessional States” and “Only a Passing Fancy?  The Evangelical Engagement with Natural Law,” but now you’ll find the complete texts (it’s about time!)

And just so you don’t think the title of this post was a trick, here’s a baking tip from my wife, who makes the best sweets in the solar system.  Suppose you want to dip cookies in melted white or semi-sweet chocolate.  You don’t have to make a ganache.  Just do this:  While you’re melting the chocolate, for every eight ounces stir in one tablespoon shortening (such as Crisco).  That way, after you dip the cookies, the chocolate will set up nicely as it cools instead of staying runny.

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