A mail from Sweden.  I recently read your excellent commentary to the Treatise on Law by St. Thomas.  A work of that kind was long overdue, and to my humble mind you made it brilliantly.  A small thing bugged me though:  I think the Latin word you render ultrum should in fact be utrum.  Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe worth checking.  Thank you once again for your important work.


You're absolutely right.  Utrum and ultrum are both Latin words, but the “whether,” or query, is called the utrum.  I asked for this embarrassing error to be corrected when the book went into a paperback edition, but someone in the system decided that the correction wouldn't be worth the cost!  Thank you for your letter and your kind words.  I've now published a second commentary, on St. Thomas's virtue ethics.  My third, on his treatise on happiness and ultimate purpose, is about to go to press, and I’m working on the fourth, which is just on divine law.

Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on Law

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Commentary on Thomas Aquinas’s Virtue Ethics