Trump mobilized large numbers of people who thought they had been forgotten by our failed political classes, many of whom had never even voted before.  Unfortunately, he not only responded to their understandable grievances, but appealed too much to sheer anger, and he did not teach them the hard lessons about how a republic should work.  Now that he has failed them by destroying himself, thereby crowning the Left’s failed attempts to destroy him, where are all those people going to go?

The Left thinks that if only the resentment of these previously forgotten people is denied any outlet, they will disappear again.  I wonder.  People whose expectations have been aroused and then crushed do not easily go back to sleep.  The best hope for the republic is that calmer, more mature spokesmen for their legitimate concerns will emerge, statesmen who take them seriously instead of demonizing, patronizing, or placating them.  The alternative is unthinkable.