Why is the Nazi analogy so overused that it loses its force?

To understand the reason, consider first that almost all of the overuse is on the Left.  Opposing critical race theory is like Naziism.  Believing that there are two sexes is like Naziism.  Disapproving riots is like Naziism.  Supporting anyone who isn’t Woke is like Naziism.  Practicing faith in God is like Naziism.

The fact that the analogy loses its force by being used for so many things that are not in the least like Naziism doesn’t matter to the Left.  For in the long run, the analogy cannot be allowed to retain force.

For if it were used only for things that really were like Naziism, then it would certainly be used most of all for our own equivalent of the Nazi genocide, the genocide of babies, the Left’s most sacred cause.

In the meantime, using the analogy for everything but what is really like Naziism is a pretty good distraction.