This isn’t a current politics blog, and it’s not going to become one.  Every now and then, though, I can’t resist.

The puzzle about the administration’s drive to normalize relations with the Cuban thug regime isn’t why it is happening, but why it is happening now.  The president has been in office for six years.  If normalizing relations with the Communists is so important to him that he’s willing to take the flak, why didn’t he push for it earlier?

I don’t think he cares much about normalization for its own sake.  He does care about closing Guantánamo Prison and transferring or releasing the detainees -- a campaign promise he has been unable to keep.  Normalizing diplomatic relations is a lever.

So in coming days, keep your eyes on the headlines:  CUBA DEMANDS RETURN OF GUANTÁNAMO BAY AS CONDITION OF NORMALIZATION.

You read it here first.

Tomorrow:  The Staircase of Lies