Physicists tell us that time seems to freeze when we enter the event horizon around a black hole.  Our current president has been frozen in the event horizon around the black hole of moral relativism for decades of conventional time.  People think he has shifted to the left since becoming president.  No, he hasn’t.  He is right where he has always been.


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I am pleased to tell you that three new interviews have just been posted to the Talks page:


A student who witnessed the incident tells me this anecdote about another course he is taking.

One of his classmates was finding it difficult to accept his professor’s line that people are whatever they “identify” as being.  The classmate asked, “So if someone decides he’s a refrigerator, then he’s a refrigerator?”


By now everyone knows what canceling is.  Even so, there is a tendency to play it down.  Many people who went to college back in the day can’t really believe the strength of university cancel culture.  They don’t doubt that canceling happens, but they think it must be the exception rather than the norm.

The CDC says we may be getting closer to a something a little more like normal (whatever getting closer may mean).  You’d better keep your fingers crossed, because in the meantime, other authorities are warning that in view of the latest, latest, latest kind of Covid-19, we may not be ready even yet.  It seems that some people just can’t let go.