I wasn’t going to publish this item for a few more weeks, but after listening to a television interview this evening with my state’s lieutenant governor – whom I respect, but who is making a mistake – I have added a section and decided not to wait.

On one hand.


A young nonwhite woman in graduate studies – at my university, but not in my department – told me how maddening she found it that none of her teachers or advisors would give her any constructive feedback no matter how she pleaded for it.  Everything she did was great, fine, wonderful.  It was as though she could do no wrong.


Here is a little secret that you can get cancelled for telling:  So called sex change doesn’t change sex.


There is another pandemic, far worse than the coronavirus, a plague of cultural insanity.  At present I am not trying to argue the point, but speaking to the multitude who already know.  The superspreaders of the plague don’t see themselves as crazy, and they have a lot of power to do harm.